Perfect Ponies Equine Photography: Blog en-us Perfect Ponies Equine (Perfect Ponies Equine Photography) Sat, 13 Feb 2016 14:12:00 GMT Sat, 13 Feb 2016 14:12:00 GMT Perfect Ponies Equine Photography: Blog 120 55 First ever Bokeh overlay collection Introducing out first ever Bokeh overlay collection. 


The Fire and Ice Collection includes 46 high resolution 37 Mega Pixel images. 


The set can be purchased here:



The set costs £5. The images are high resolution 37 Mega Pixel images. 


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Soligor / Tefnon 35-70mm f2.5 Macro Zoom. Cheap Vintage Len's Review.

Let me start out by saying what a strange lens this is. I came across it in a box of vintage lenses i had purchased last night. There seems to be no brand on the lens anywhere, Research online suggest it was made by Soligor/Tefnon/Kiron depending on the serial number. 

It zooms from 35-70mm and has a lovely small aprature of F2.5 which stops down to F22. 

It is about the size of a standard 18-55 kit lens, if not a little bigger. Obviously weighing a fair bit more as this is made from metal construction. 

Now the strange bit is the dedicated Macro ring, Turn the Macro ring to the 1:2 position and you cave an extreme close focusing 35mm lens or zoom to the 70mm end. you can adjust how close it focuses with the macro ring too. 

It also has a standard focusing ring at the front too. The Macro ring works by bringing the rear of the lens away from the sensor (Like a built in extension tube).

As you can see you can get pretty close at 35mm wth the macro function. the out of focus area look lovely. 

at 35mm non macro this is what you get:

Images seem sharp, clear and crisp. 


at 70mm:

What surprises me about this lens is the lovely Bokeh, It seems nice and creamy. I can't wait to try this len's out and about in the real world. 

I have had a little search to find prices etc on Ebay, I couldn't find many other than a Soligor example for £49.99. I guess it is hard for people to list a len's with no brand attached. This one is Nikon AI Fit and i believe it came in other various mount's too. 


The samples in this review are shot on a NIKON D810 in RAW. 

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x-rite color checker how to's

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Sunderland Airshow 2015 Round up _DSC7789
















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One click Aviation Editing I have created a One click aviation Photoshop action. Just download the action HERE

This action is meant for when your Aircraft is underexposed.

Some tweaking maybe required as all images are different.


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Inspirational Macro’s

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Old Lens Modern Camera – Tokina 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5 Review (Autofocus) lens


Tokina 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5

Some of you probably know by now i have a thing for vintage and old lenses from the days of film era. I had been searching for a lens for my Landscape work and night time light painting, Wide enough for Full frame and that would not break the bank. A lot of decent old lenses originally meant for film camera’s can be had for fairly cheap on eBay.

After doing a bit of research and knowing that i did not need a fast lens or my landscape work i decided to hunt down one of these lenses.

They come in two different versions mk1 and mk2 (mk1 apparently better and is smaller, I found a mk1). They are unfortunately as rare as hens teeth, When found though can be had for a very reasonable price.  This one came in at £120 with shipping from Japan, It came with original case and UV Filter (72mm thread).

When it arrived this morning i was surprised at how small and compact the lens actually is. When i opened the package i wanted to send it off to a museum, for something so old it looks as though it has never been used in its life, The leather case still smells new. (It was released early 90’s).

It has a solid metal construction, manual aperture ring, and lovely smooth focus and zoom rings.

Of course though the proof is in the pudding and i decided to test it out in a garden, These images are just test shots, all shot wide open at 3.5 and 4.5 because of course things only get better when you go higher on the f stop range.

20mm wide open. Nice and sharp in the center, Not so much around the edges.  a small amount of vignetting which is easily fixed in Post. (Remember to shoot RAW.)

The close focus on this lens is 0.4 meters.



At 35mm Nice and sharp all round the image with some nice DOF.



20mm Landscape again very sharp, fall off at the edges though.



35mm Pretty sharp across the image.




The focus seems pretty fast with this lens too, of course you wont be shooting wildlife with these lengths.

I am so pleased with this lens and highly recommend it for anyone on a budget. It will do me until i can get my hands on a Nikon 14-24mm again, Or for when i need to use filters on the front of the lens (This one does rotate though).

As always look for a good copy with no dust and scratches. I managed to get lucky with this one.



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Dog photography Session (On the beach)

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Image Spotlight #Roseate #Tern Todays best images from Social media, The Roseate Tern

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Best Shots of the week from the #VForceTour The best shots from Twitter this week.

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The £30 Portrait lens If i said you can get an awesome portrait Len’s for £30 you would tell me i am joking.

Step up the awesome Helios 44-2 58MM F2.8 8 Blade version, Made in the USSR Avail for £30 on eBay.

Also we have the Carl Zeiss Jena DDR 50MM F1.8 6 Blade. (Between £60-£90).

I have had both on these lenses for over a year or two now and never got around to buying an adapter to use them on my Nikon gear, I used them both on my 7D before i switched back to Nikon though.

These Lenses are both M42 mount (Old Pentax) But can be fitted to Canon and Nikon with adapters from Ebay (Around a £1)

On Canon they both focus to infinity, On Nikon the fall just short, There are other adapters available to make them focus to infinity but i will be using them for portraits so do not need one.

Of course the only draw back with these is that they are manual focus. Once you get the hang of using them though it comes naturally.

The shot examples below are shot on my Nikon D810.

I fell in love with the Helios Bokeh, It has a lovely swirly effect and is nice and sharp wide open.  The Helios focuses down to 0.5m. I have to say that out of all of the lenses i have ever owned, This is one of the sharpest and most quirky of them all.



The Zeiss (Below) Gives a nice creamy Bokeh, Not as sharp wide open though still usable. The Zeiss focuses down to 0.35m.



As always with any old Len’s beware of fungus and dust inside the lenses.

I will leave you with a portrait i took this morning of Toby with the Helios so you can see the awesome swirly Bokeh.


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Superzoom Size comparison (Nikon, Sigma, Tamron) I have decided to do a Blog on Superzoom size comparison, Size is often a factor considered when purchasing a Superzoom. Also you have to take into consideration what you are going to be doing with the Len’s too. Such as travelling, Wildlife photography etc.

We review here in order:

Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 dg macro £98.00 Available from WEX

Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 af £648 From Panamoz

Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 di vc usd £869.00 From WEX

First up a comparison with the len’s hoods removed:

DSC_3704 As you can see the Cheaper Sigma is the smallest, The Nikon second in size and the Tamron is the largest.

With lens hoods attached:


With Len’s hoods attached the Tamron on the right is significantly larger.

Extended  (Shown here on a crop sensor Nikon D7100):

DSC_3710 The Nikon f2.8 is exactly the same size as the cheaper Sigma which does extend to zoom. The Tamron is just monstrous!

Note the Tamron and Nikon have a tripod foot, Though they can be handheld the Tamron gets heavy after panning birds, I would recommend a tripod and gimble.

Ideally the cheaper Sigma is useful for travelling or if you need to travel light, The image quality leaves a lot to be desired but for the price i can’t recommend anything else. Mine has taken a lot of bashing and horrible weather and it’s still working. Fantastic for those just starting out.

The Nikon 200mm is the real winner here if you have a crop sensor (On my full frame i find i just don’t have enough reach). They can be found on Ebay for a lot cheaper than the price of a new one. Opening up to f2.8 this len’s is fantastic for Wildlife and Aviation. Gives fantastic deph of field and sharp images.

The Tamron being the biggest and most expensive is the best len’s in this price range you will find for wildlife photography.  It gives me just enough reach on full frame, With nice detailed  images. The image quality is superb on full frame. Bear in mind with this len’s though that often when shooting wildlife you will end up in the higher iso because of the f6.3 limitation at the longer range, So be prepared to do a lot of post processing on your images.

They all weight enough for someone like me (Small hand and wrist female!) to handhold steadily, I would still recommend a Tripod on the Tamron though at the longer ends.



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Editing Aviation photography (The way i do it) Here is a quick post on editing Aviation photography and how to get the most from your photo’s.

If you think my images come out of the camera looking as they do then you are wrong. There is a small amount of post processing involved to achieve the final image.

I shoot in RAW With my images which allows me to pull as much of the original detail from the image as possible.

As you can see with the image below, I shot the image to expose for the sky, It was a very bright sunny day and did not want to clip any highlights. This allows me to retain excellent detail in the clouds without blowing them out.

Because of this the plane looks underexposed in the before image. This can be easily fixed though (as long as you shoot in RAW).



First of all import your image into lightroom or other image editor that can edit RAW files (Photoshop has a built in RAW editor too)

On the right hand side you will see your image sliders which look like this:


Because the sky is already correctly exposed, you will need to slide the shadows slider to bring back the detail in the shot. This will bring the plane into line with the rest of the exposure in the image.

If your original image has an overexposed sky then you will need to slide the highlights/exposure to the left first until you have an image like the first one.

Next add contrast to your liking, Not too much though as you will begin to loose shadow details again.

I then adjust the saturation to make the image more vibrant and colorful.

Next i adjust the color temperature, When shooting in raw you can adjust the white balance to any that you desire. It was a warm sunny day so i adjusted the Temperature slider to the right a little.

Finally to complete the overall look of the image i added some sharpening, RAW images come from the camera with no sharpening added to them at all so this is an essential for crisp beautiful images.

Finally we need to crop the image to comply with the rule of thirds. A 16:9 crop works best with this. I used the Fibonacci scale on the image, Also works with a rule of thirds grid, I placed the Center of focus in the image on the part of the scale that is most pleasing to the eye (The third).



This is the image now complete. You can export the image as a JPG in high quality. The good thing is, Because you shot in RAW you can go back and edit the images again and again if a different style of editing tickles your fancy!

Common mistakes to make:

1. Over exposed sky.

2. Sky exposed and plane under exposed.

3. Flat boring grey sky’s. (Fix in Photoshop/Lightroom with the color temp slider and a bit of clarity to pop those grey clouds).

4. Plane looks dull. (Adding saturation in post can make all the difference in an image)

5. Plane in center of the image. (A lot of peoples natural instinct is to put the plane in the center of the image, When in fact the subject or point of focus of your image should be in the thirds.) This is easy to fix in Lightroom/Photoshop. Lightroom has a built in thirds scale (So do some camera’s) to help you position your subject correctly. You can toggle through the different types of scale in lightroom by toggling the O Button.

All of the above can be done if you shot in JPEG, BUT this is a big but, you will not be able to bring back as much details and the highlights maybe clipped if you overexposed the image. They can always be fixed to some extent though.

That’s it for this quick post. If you have any questions just ask.



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Weekly round up The week started with me attempting to get some more images of Toby for my Portfolio. I had a few idea’s in my mind so decided to practice in my garden first. I wanted somewhere i can shoot with some nice flowers, Long grass and bright sunshine. Toby was not in the best of moods so decided just to leave it at the garden for now and see how they turn out. Lately he has been pulling some funny faces, Managed to get some good shots though as practice for the real deal. I wanted to do the real shoot this week, So far though it has rained with no chance to get out again.

Post processing on these involved using Greater than Gatsby Newborn action set.

Another favorite thing of mine lately has been the Pixelstick from Bitbanger labs. I recently received a replacement set of Len’s to try, so will try them in the coming weeks.  The only problem is that it does not get dark until really late at the moment and with a young son to look after it is hard to get out.

I managed to get out one evening though and i had the idea of Light painting and eagle over the sea. With the resulting image as follows.

It took a few attempts of Lee walking with the Pixelstick to get the Eagle in the right place. I have a few other ideas i really want to try. I have seen a lot of really pretty reflections created when using this technique by the sea. This again was more of a practice to see what can be achieved. I have spent the day creating some other images i want to try out.

No bird images this week, I do have some i took on Lee’s camera of what i believe is a fledgling Stone chat.

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Infant Studio Photography Set up Today i am going to explain what i did to create this image, Props i used and the post processing done to the images. DSC_2290-Edit


  • Large wicker Basket £12.99 from Dunelm
  • Blanket (Was a present not sure on cost)
  • One infant!

Equipment needed:

  • Black background and stand
  • Flash or Studio strobe
  • Large Softbox
  • 50mm Lens on a full frame 35mm on crop
  • DSLR
  • Flash or strobe wireless triggers
  • stand to support your strobe/flash and large Soft box

Post processing software:

  • Adobe light room
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Greater than Gatsby Photoshop actions Specifically the newborn set

Prop and equipment set up:

  • Black background held by stand. As much of the black on the floor as you can.
  • Basket as far from background as possible
  • Blanket posed so Infant can sit comfortably
  • strobe and soft box 45 degrees to the right
  • DSLR Manual mode, F4, 1/250th of a second. Strobe not on camera, Images set to RAW

Post processing:

  • Basic adjustments in light room such as sharpening, Color correction, Temperature correction and background darkening.
  • Adobe Photoshop adjustments include skin smoothing with greater than Gatsby actions, Blemish removal and creating the final overall look of the image.


Infants can be demanding. Keep the area warm where you will be photographing and try and keep the little one entertained. Some funny images can be achieved!

Do you have any tips or tricks? Leave your comments! i will leave you with some other images from the set.

DSC_2279-Edit-Edit DSC_2289-Edit-Edit DSC_2294-Edit

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