Soligor / Tefnon 35-70mm f2.5 Macro Zoom. Cheap Vintage Len's Review.

November 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Let me start out by saying what a strange lens this is. I came across it in a box of vintage lenses i had purchased last night. There seems to be no brand on the lens anywhere, Research online suggest it was made by Soligor/Tefnon/Kiron depending on the serial number. 

It zooms from 35-70mm and has a lovely small aprature of F2.5 which stops down to F22. 

It is about the size of a standard 18-55 kit lens, if not a little bigger. Obviously weighing a fair bit more as this is made from metal construction. 

Now the strange bit is the dedicated Macro ring, Turn the Macro ring to the 1:2 position and you cave an extreme close focusing 35mm lens or zoom to the 70mm end. you can adjust how close it focuses with the macro ring too. 

It also has a standard focusing ring at the front too. The Macro ring works by bringing the rear of the lens away from the sensor (Like a built in extension tube).

As you can see you can get pretty close at 35mm wth the macro function. the out of focus area look lovely. 

at 35mm non macro this is what you get:

Images seem sharp, clear and crisp. 


at 70mm:

What surprises me about this lens is the lovely Bokeh, It seems nice and creamy. I can't wait to try this len's out and about in the real world. 

I have had a little search to find prices etc on Ebay, I couldn't find many other than a Soligor example for £49.99. I guess it is hard for people to list a len's with no brand attached. This one is Nikon AI Fit and i believe it came in other various mount's too. 


The samples in this review are shot on a NIKON D810 in RAW. 


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