Infant Studio Photography Set up

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Today i am going to explain what i did to create this image, Props i used and the post processing done to the images. DSC_2290-Edit


  • Large wicker Basket £12.99 from Dunelm
  • Blanket (Was a present not sure on cost)
  • One infant!

Equipment needed:

  • Black background and stand
  • Flash or Studio strobe
  • Large Softbox
  • 50mm Lens on a full frame 35mm on crop
  • DSLR
  • Flash or strobe wireless triggers
  • stand to support your strobe/flash and large Soft box

Post processing software:

  • Adobe light room
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Greater than Gatsby Photoshop actions Specifically the newborn set

Prop and equipment set up:

  • Black background held by stand. As much of the black on the floor as you can.
  • Basket as far from background as possible
  • Blanket posed so Infant can sit comfortably
  • strobe and soft box 45 degrees to the right
  • DSLR Manual mode, F4, 1/250th of a second. Strobe not on camera, Images set to RAW

Post processing:

  • Basic adjustments in light room such as sharpening, Color correction, Temperature correction and background darkening.
  • Adobe Photoshop adjustments include skin smoothing with greater than Gatsby actions, Blemish removal and creating the final overall look of the image.


Infants can be demanding. Keep the area warm where you will be photographing and try and keep the little one entertained. Some funny images can be achieved!

Do you have any tips or tricks? Leave your comments! i will leave you with some other images from the set.

DSC_2279-Edit-Edit DSC_2289-Edit-Edit DSC_2294-Edit

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