Weekly round up

June 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The week started with me attempting to get some more images of Toby for my Portfolio. I had a few idea’s in my mind so decided to practice in my garden first. I wanted somewhere i can shoot with some nice flowers, Long grass and bright sunshine. Toby was not in the best of moods so decided just to leave it at the garden for now and see how they turn out. Lately he has been pulling some funny faces, Managed to get some good shots though as practice for the real deal. I wanted to do the real shoot this week, So far though it has rained with no chance to get out again.

Post processing on these involved using Greater than Gatsby Newborn action set.

Another favorite thing of mine lately has been the Pixelstick from Bitbanger labs. I recently received a replacement set of Len’s to try, so will try them in the coming weeks.  The only problem is that it does not get dark until really late at the moment and with a young son to look after it is hard to get out.

I managed to get out one evening though and i had the idea of Light painting and eagle over the sea. With the resulting image as follows.

It took a few attempts of Lee walking with the Pixelstick to get the Eagle in the right place. I have a few other ideas i really want to try. I have seen a lot of really pretty reflections created when using this technique by the sea. This again was more of a practice to see what can be achieved. I have spent the day creating some other images i want to try out.

No bird images this week, I do have some i took on Lee’s camera of what i believe is a fledgling Stone chat.


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